Why All Fitness Resolutions Should Start in February

If you struggled through the first month of the year and made a poor attempt at your healthy goals only to ditch them, hold up just a minute . . . because all is not lost. Your new year has a brand new start date, and it just happens to be February — forget about January (but hey, well done to those who tried), it’s in the past now. Moving right along.


Truth: The silly season doesn’t properly end the moment your New Year’s Day hangover thankfully disappears. In fact, January is often just as busy as the lead up to Christmas. Summer parties are in full swing, most people are still on holidays and then Australia Day happens — how can anyone possibly stick to a goal with all that going on? Now we’re all back at work/school/uni/normal life it’s the perfect time to launch into your resolutions and make them stick. That’s why we’ve decided February marks the official start to your most successful year yet. Go you!

Looking for some resolution inspiration? Or a goal you actually have a chance of sticking to? Take your pick:

Add the 3in1 Eliminator to your Healthy Resolutions this 2016, to support your natural way to be healthy, strong and fit.

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