Water Hype – 6 Ways to Make It More Delicious

Of course, the meaning of delicious will depend on your taste but even if you admit it or not, sometimes, drinking plain water is just “boring”. Yes! Especially during summer when beating the heat with delicious cold drink is a must. So, before popping that can of soda drinks, why not try these water concoctions that will not only refresh your body but are also said a great way of detoxifying by flushing away toxins from your body. There are dieters who also prefer these infused water and claims great results on losing off some weight.


  1. Add Cucumber. Slice or grate cucumbers into water for a different refreshing result, in a good way. The piles of bright green cucumber will also be refreshing to the eyes!
  2. Add Herbs– Herbs will change the plain look and taste of water with added aroma and refreshing flavour. You can dip mint, lemongrass, and parsley to a pitcher of water. Crushing the herbs will release the flavour that will give an intense refreshing taste.
  3. Add Lemon or Other Citrus Fruits – Adding citrus taste can be done in two ways, either you simply slice lemon and put in the water or squeeze lemon into water then place and freeze it in an ice cube.
  4. Add Berries– Berries like blueberries and strawberries create a distinct taste. Cut or cut the berries before soaking it in the water.
  5. Add Ginger – The tangy taste of ginger will add a “zing” taste to your water. Ginger also provides great benefits for your health.
  6. Add a Cinnamon Stick. The cinnamon stick will literally spice up your water. Make a concentrate by simmering a cinnamon stick in a cup of water then use the concentrate as a mix to cold or iced water for a flavourful and great taste. Cinnamon also offers great health benefits like lowering blood sugar and cholesterol.

If you’re not a fan of drinking plain water, consider your problem solved with these quick water fix to add taste and extra nutrients. Why not take the SlimLife 3in1 Eliminator with this water too? It will probably double its effect on your body when it comes to losing weight since the 3in1 Eliminator boasts a revolutionary formula designed to support weight loss for only $1.29 per day!


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