Treadmill with a Twist – Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance (Video)

Do you love using treadmill in your workout routine? Do you love Uptown Funk as your working out music?  Watch this YouTube video “Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance – Carson Dean” and love treadmill and the song even more. Carson Dean (the man in the video) surely makes it look fun and easy. It’s really cool and crazy because some people can even barely use treadmill without falling! Right?  It’s no wonder this video is going viral since his sick moves and admirable strength and speed are truly a skill.

Start practicing now to achieve that same skill to dance your way up to a treadmill with the UpTown Funk song. Here are some helpful tips you can use to strengthen your muscle and speed. Don’t worry about the balance since the constant use of a treadmill will let you develop it over time.

  • Put a little extra power in your lower body by raising the incline. Hill workout will target thighs, calves, and booty. It will make your legs and lower body stronger and can make you sustain the treadmill’s speed without keeping off balance.
  • Do walking lunges by slowing down the speed of the treadmill but walking in wider steps. This will tone tush and legs.
  • Practice using the treadmill without using the handles. Pump your arms instead while running to tone the shoulders, biceps, triceps and your body’s core just what you can get from aerobic exercises.
  • Add in a tempo run which is running slightly faster than your normal pace. This is a great way to practice running faster, set your treadmill to a faster pace and run a steady time.
  • Heard about negative splits? This is like conditioning first your body before doing faster run. To use this technique, make sure to start with a comfortable pace for a steady time and advance to a slightly faster if you already warmed up.  Simply put, it’s conserving your energy at start to warm up your body so it will comfortably cope as the speed increases.
  • Do incline/flat position intervals. During a workout, you can set few minutes with raised incline and set it to flat position after. It’s like walking or running uphill and downhill that will help your legs manage a faster pace next.

Additional Tip: If weight loss is included in your goal why you are on a treadmill, make sure to stick to healthy meals. You can also try using natural weight loss supplements like SlimLife’s 3in1 Eliminator that is proven to yield great result to help you shed extra pounds off the weighing scale.  The lighter you will become the easier way to move and dance around the treadmill like what in the video.

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