Top 10 Diet Trends – Did You Pick The Right One?

A group of health experts got together recently and did what health experts do when they get together.  They also found time to rank different diets to see which ones the average Joe and Jane should be following.  They based their rankings on five factors:

  1. Easy to follow
  2. Nutritious
  3. Safe
  4. Effective for weight loss
  5. Can protect one from diabetes and heart disease


After going through different diets, and we all know there are a gazillion of them, the panel agreed that the ten best diet trends that you should be following are, well, the following:

  1. DASH Diet. This was made by fighting high blood pressure in mind.  This is probably the biggest reason why it came out on top.
  2. TLC Diet. Therapeutic Lifestyle Change was created by the National Institutes of Health so you know it’s good for you. The only possible drawback with this is that it is more of a DIY diet.
  3. Mayo Clinic Diet. Yet another diet created by a respected institution.  No, this is not a diet centered around mayonnaise.
  4. Mediterranean Diet. For people who are strong enough to endure not consuming any meat. This focuses in the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fish.  Of course, it’s Mediterranean so olive oil should be in there somewhere.
  5. Weight Watchers. Cheat meals are great.
  6. Flexitarian Diet. The biggest reason for this being included in the top 10 is that it is flexible enough to work for the whole family.
  7. This is where the panel just throws out cliché statements like this is a diet “everyone can benefit from”.
  8. Jenny Craig. Could have been higher if it helps dieters in combating heart diseases and diabetes.
  9. Biggest Loser Diet. Sort of good but is probably only popular because of the TV show.
  10. Ornish Diet. It is held back by its severe restrictions.

So which diet bandwagon did you jump into?  Is it on this list?  Did it work?  If it’s not on this list and yet it worked, then we suggest you bring that up with the panel that made the list.  In all seriousness, if a diet worked for you, then keep at it and reap all the benefits you can get from it no matter what this or other list say. There are weight loss supplements out there like the SlimLife’s 3in1 Eliminator to help you stick with any diet you want to follow.

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