Say Hello to the Personas You May Become When Starting to Get Healthy

They say a constant change in habit, no matter how small, can create a new lifestyle towards a new you. Have you ever noticed how changed you are right when you decided to be conscious about your health from choosing healthy foods, getting into the workout routines, and being constantly surrounded by people who share the same desire as you to stay fit and healthy?  Do you feel you are a different person now from the old you who do not care about what kinds of foods to eat or how sedentary your lifestyle is?

The changes may not noticeable since it was gradually formed over time with all the little steps and choices you made. But looking at these personas you will probably become or you are already even if you are unconscious about will make you realize that yes, I am changed now.

As a motivational speaker. blackboard-398453_640Do you sometimes hear yourself encouraging your friends, or members of your family to follow your footsteps? Talking them into enrolling to gyms as well, or changing their eating habits and quitting things that are bad for their health were a common part of ordinary conversation.

As a nutritionist.  tape-403593_640Your constant desire to learn about eating right, you will inevitably apply it not just to yourself but to the people around you as well. Your friend often time will hear you say, do you know that a bag of chip contains calories that you will have to burn for an hour of running? Right, advising on matters of food like a pro.

As a fitness instructor. weights-652488_640Admit it or not but when a friend tell you even at the slip of a tongue that they are getting heavier and bigger, you will have a ready answer. How many times did you recommend walking at least 30 minutes every day? Or doing sit-ups every morning when they wake up?

You become all these three personas because you are really it. Some may find it as being pushy but surely, there are many others who will appreciate what you’re trying to say to them because it’s not all talk. You are a great example of people who really practice what they preach.

On the other hand, taking it slowly surely pays off even if the change were not drastic, it were infused as a way of life. Give yourself a pat on the back for the being disciplined, consistent and in constant look for other ways to be better.  Consider doing yoga or Pilates next time. You can also try taking this 3in1 Eliminator to help you lose weight and encourage good eating habits. Trying this revolutionary weight loss supplement, you will have to say hello to another persona after getting great result – as an endorser!

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