Pool Workout to Tone Your Abs

Summer isn’t over yet and the swimming pool is still your best buddy that will accompany you to beat that freaking heat!  Make the swimming pool your workout buddy too with this helpful video from PopSugar that will let you skip on any swimming style but will definitely work out for a firmer tummy and off with belly fats.  Yep, no swimming required! So no worries for those who doesn’t know how to swim.

Here’s the five exercises mentioned on the video:

  1. Sprint – Pick your knees up as high as your chest and fast as you can.  Do it for 30 seconds.
  2. Push Up Wall – Use the side of the wall to initiate or kick yourself all the way up of the pool by extending your arms and slowly lowering yourself back down. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
  3. Jump with Knee Tuck – Jump up and tuck your knees into your chest. Do it 10 times
  4. Hurdle – Pretend there is a hurdle on the pool and get your feet together, tuck your knees and jump to the other side of the hurdle and then back. Do 15-20 reps
  5. Water Treading- Bend your knees and extend your legs and work it out in circular motion.  (If you cant swim, get some floaters) Do for 30 seconds

Isn’t this a fun and literally “cool” workout? So ready up your bikini and let’s go to the pool. A friendly reminder though, eat lightly before doing this workout. Taking a swim after eating heavy will surely get you feeling bloated. Take SlimLife 3in1 Eliminator to help you suppress appetite and promote weight loss as well!

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