New to the Gym? Three Things You Need to Tell Yourself Right After Every Workout

When you enrolled into a gym, your fitness instructor may have convinced you that working out is not as hard as you think it is. But on day 1, you’ve come home super tired with sore muscles to take care of. Don’t worry because you were not fooled into joining the gym. As a beginner, going home with sore muscles is just normal and will eventually be gone after just a few more sessions to get your body in tuned and used to doing the workout. After all, when you really want to make a change, you have to create change with much effort dedicated to making it real. In working out, that pain and tiredness you will feel especially on day 1 are the tickets to a better and fitter you.

gym-457072_640So, here’s what you should tell yourself right after working out so you stay motivated and excited for the next workout.

  • That was badass! Excuse the word but there’s no other way to describe how tough working out is. Working out is always hard and it’s a hard truth. So every time you’re done, say it while letting the sweat your forehead drop into the chin while feeling great and fulfilled by the cool after-burn effects.
  • I rocked! Knowing that how badass the workout was, you have all the right to say this even out loud. Working out is only for those who are disciplined and motivated enough so congratulate yourself for completing another session. Exercise is work.
  • I can’t wait for the next workout! Yes, even if you haven’t taken a rest yet, telling yourself that you can’t wait for the next work out can beat your thought of skipping another session of working out. Remember that consistency is the key to tone your body the shape you desire. Toned is different from just plain slim.

Starting to get healthy is really a hard choice that requires discipline and determination. Motivating yourself even through maintaining a clear mindset can be effective. But most importantly, working out should be consistent and longevity matters. If you stick to it coupled with healthy diets, you paths are already clear to your weight loss journey or a strong indication of how committed you are to fitness.

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