Mom Dilemmas: Exercising with Kids Around

Becoming a mom surely changed your perception about exercise and, of course, your priorities. But getting fit especially after acquiring that bulge due to pregnancy will surely push you to go back into a  routine. However, you will be left with the dilemma of leaving your kids over going to a gym for a full workout. Well, here are some tips to sneak in exercise every day, yes, even when your kids are

  1. Set Realistic Goals. Accept that you will never have the full workout done, especially if your kids still need most of your attention. So work your way out if you want to exercise but your kids want to be with you too. Eye mother duties and chores like a piece of gym equipment like, crawling with your kids, pushing strollers and grabbing that vacuum cleaner. The key is to move your body around and don’t sit still. If you’re lucky to be granted with at least 20 minutes without kids, maximize it and exercise right away.
  2. Every Move Counts and Don’t Put if Off. Don’t feel it’s a waste of time to put off your workout clothes at home or for just 10-min exercise. If you just have half an hour to less time to spare, choose to exercise and don’t let the opportunity pass.
  3.  Let Your Kids Know.  If you’re past the toddler stage and you have pre-school kids who you can already talk out on some things, tell your kids about the importance of exercise or working out for you. Setting up the scene by wearing your workout clothes will visually explain to them your goals too!
  4. Make the Kids Busy. Make sure to make them busy too while you are doing the exercise. Even if they somehow understand what you are doing, they may not have the interest to just sit there and watch you do it. Although they want to be beside you, still, create a spot or play area in the same room where you exercise to keep them close.
  5. Make the Kids Your Workout Buddy.  Lastly, if they get bored with the activities you’ve set for them to do while you are working out, just involve them. So, it’s better to choose exercise routines that are “kid-friendly”, the kind of exercise where a kid can follow yet, can burn up calories too. Try Zumba or dance workout where kids will surely enjoy.

Hope these tips will make is easy and possible for you to exercise with kids.  Otherwise, start losing weight or getting fit with proper diet. Yes, sometimes tracking down on the food being eaten is a tough job for moms too in their busy schedule and daily routine. Get help with the SlimLife 3in1 Eliminator that prides its revolutionary formula designed to support weight loss for only $1.29 per day!


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