If US Pres. Obama Can Workout, What’s Your Excuse Not To?

The video of US Pres. Barack Obama doing some workout exercises at the hotel’s gym in Warsaw Poland leaked and has gone viral in YouTube. The video which was uploaded by an anonymous YouTube user captured Pres. Obama showing off his weight-lifting prowess and the candid grunts and stretches in interval. It has solicited both criticism and praise from the netizen; some praised the president for staying healthy by committing to fitness while some remarked on the lousy workout routines he picked.

Watching the video of the “working” president is like letting someone point a finger right to our face saying that time, or the lack thereof, is really not an excused why exercise is not possible today. Expert will tell us that our bodies are built to be physically active. A long-term sedentary living and zilch physical activities poses a great risk to our health that will lead to illness especially cardiovascular diseases. If gyms are not what you have in mind to start getting active, you can upgrade your normal day-to-day activities and make it your daily fat-burning workout to stay healthy or to lose weight.

Otherwise, if you really have no time, get active by;

  1. DO ALL THE WALKING. Walk the dog. Walk to the mall by parking a little far from the mall. Walk with your kids as bonding time. Walk and talk by not just taking phone calls on your seat.  Climb up the stairs instead of the elevator. The key is to move your feet and use the leverage of walking without really putting a dedicated time to it.
  2. DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING. Well, of course you have to take this literally or else you might be mistaken for something else. Just move your body and shake that booty off to the song while cleaning the walls, washing dishes, in the bathroom, or make sure to dance in the club when you choose going out with friends instead of enrolling yourself to aerobics or Zumba class.

These may seem plain and comical, but it will burn some calories without feeling the sweat. But of course, these will only be effective if you watch your diet and eating healthy meals. You can also take supplements like the Slim Life’s 3in1 Eliminator to jumpstart your way to an active, fit and healthy lifestyle.

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