How to Trick Yourself into Eating Less by Using the Right Dishware

Self-control? Discipline? Hep! That’s too much for someone (well, most of us) who is just starting and really trying to follow a strict diet to cut back on binge-eating. Who doesn’t love to eat right? That sumptuous steak, those melts-in-your mouth arrays of desserts, and also the refreshing drinks or booze to match any meal! But who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy too?

So, if you can’t have the self-control to say NO! to that another slice of cake, why not follow on these tricks of using the right dishware to fool yourself into eating less. There are studies that using the right kind of dishware (plates, fork, bowl, glass, etc…) will help you bar yourself from over-indulging on delicious foods.fam

  1. When it comes to plates and bowls…According to a study published on 2012 Journal of Consumer Research, using small bowls and plates tend to prompt people to eat less that when using large bowls. This could be due to the effect called “Delboeuf illusion” where if two circles of the same size, one is surrounded by a large ring and the other is surrounded by a smaller ring, are placed in comparison, the circle with a larger ring will appear smaller. Thus, just like in large plates, you will end up getting more since you feel you’re only getting a little portion of food. Furthermore, the study also shows that the color of the plate or bowl has some effects when it comes to eating.   It is best to choose a different colored plate or bowl with the food you’re eating.  The more contrast the dishware’s color to the food color will likely make people eat less.
  1. When it comes to table cloth…On the same study, matching the tablecloth to dishware can influence control on eating too much or cutting back portions. When the tablecloth color matches the dishware color, people eat lesser than those participants who have dished on different colored tablecloth. This can also be attributed to “Delboeuf illusion’s by making the dishware less noticeable.
  1. When it comes to drinking glass…Drink from a taller glass. This is according to a 2005 study that was published in British Medical Journal. The study showed that people drink 20% to 30% more alcohol in short, wide glasses than into tall, narrow ones even if the two glasses are of the same volume.
  1. When it comes to fork…A person who eats with a smaller fork is more likely to eat more that those who used larger fork. This is according to 2011 study published in Journal of Consumer Research. So, never mind the extra weight a larger fork.

Do you have any tricks to add? Share it in the comments! Hope these tricks will help you eat less, otherwise, you can also take supplements that can suppress your appetite like the SlimLife 3in1 Eliminator with a revolutionary formula that blends Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone to burn fat, suppress the appetite, heighten energy levels, enhance the effects of exercise, and reduce the waistline.

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