Food Diary – Your First Step to Proper Diet & Nutrition

What can writing down what you eat all day do when it comes to nutrition?  Those who want to shed off some unwanted fats and those who want to gain more pounds will come into agreement that proper nutrition is one of the things they need to know in order to get fit and be healthy. Even if you think you have a great diet, it will not necessarily mean that you are getting the proper nutrition and the amount of food intake that your body only require and need.


Keeping a food diary where you will have to write your entire food intake for the day can help you become aware of your own eating habits and the kind of foods you consume.  It will basically provide a reliable basis for assessing your diet goals and setting a meal plan. Although it will demand an effort to record what you’ve eaten, this simple act of maintaining a food diary will encourage you to eat right and choose healthy foods.  There are already several studies that support how beneficial it is to keep a food diary especially for people who are trying to lose weight. With food diary, it helped them lessen eating junk foods and caloric beverages because they could not believe how much and often they feed their bodies with it.

However, this food diary can only encourage you to eat right only if you are honest about it. You have to list down everything from that 2-piece pancake you had for breakfast down to that one slice of cake you had after the sumptuous dinner of medium-rare steak and mashed potato. At the end of each day, reading your food diary will make you more conscious of how much food you ate all day, or will remind you that the only nutritious food you ate was the slice of apples your co-worker offered during lunch break.

The best way to keep an accurate food diary is to write down immediately what you ate or while you’re still eating. This way, you will not forget and get lazy jotting it down.  Also, remember that it’s your own diary and you will be the only one who will see it so there’s no point in cheating.

The food diary can be your key to getting the right nutrition to be healthy and fit. Try it and see how a simple change of habit can do much. For those who are trying to lose weight, you can also try to add and write down Slim’s Life 3in1 Eliminator in your food diary, a powerful appetite suppressant to help you cut down on mindless munching!


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