Exercise Cramps? Know Your Body Pain and Don’t Let it Stop You

There are several studies that tackle how dangerous exercising too hard is, that’s why maybe some are worried to push a little harder to reach their fitness goals. Don’t fret, here’s a brief rundown on the kinds of body pain or cramps that you will feel during or after an exercise. Decode these workout aches and know the causes why you will feel this pain and you and use it  as a “warning” signal that maybe something’s wrong or differentiate it from an injury to just a muscle sore. This may save you from getting paranoid because what seem like a painful muscle twinge could actually meant just giving it a rest for a day or two and no trip to a doctor necessary.


1. Pain in the calf, hamstrings, and quads

Cramps on these body parts usually signals dehydration. If you are already feeling this during an exercise or running, it is best to take a halt and rehydrate. Dehydration losses the water, sodium and potassium in the nerves resulting for the muscle to contract that causes spasm or cramps.

2. Side-Stitches

Those side-winding pains you usually feel when doing intense exercise is due to losing breathe. To relieve side stitches, get more air into your body raising your arms above your head and breathe more oxygen while applying pressure where the pain is located and exhale deeply and slowly.

2. Abdominal/stomach cramps

Just like with our reminder from previous post about doing exercise on swimming pools, cramps in the stomach is cause by eating just right before doing an exercise. The gastrointestinal tract and the muscles both demands for blood flow if your stomach is full while doing workouts. It is best to eat at least an hour before running, jogging or exercise. You can also take appetite suppressant like the SlimLife 3in1 Eliminator to help you lose appetite (and help you with weight loss too) so you will not have to grab that sandwich before slipping through your running shoes.

4. Sharp muscle pains

When focusing on a certain body parts to tone like the back or abdomen, the muscle that is being moved or held in the same position for a longer time will cause more body pain in that area. If the cramp is severe in that body part, you must take that muscle a rest for at least a day or two. Or if you still want to continue working out, take light exercises like walking to loosen up the muscles.

No Pain, No Gain indeed right?  Pain is sweet if you have the determination to reach your goals – to lose weight and tone your body for a fitter and sexier you!


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