Do Not Let You Stop You – An Inspirational Ad Campaign

With over 1 million views in barely 2 days after its launching during the MTV Awards, the #betterforit  campaign of this new advertisement from Nike really hit right on the spot!  Watch it and it will inspire and challenge you to get moving and going, yes, even if you’re just starting to step on your fitness journey to lose weight and get healthy.

About The Ad

According to the Nike News press release, this ad campaign aims to tell women to go on and to accomplish something because it will be better doing so. Most of us can truly relate to this ad, to the inner thoughts the women have in the video. It will challenge women to commit to fitness and health that requires hard work and lots of motivation.  So, this ad also encourages women to share their experiences on social media with the hashtag #betterforit . A 90-day better for it challenge was also launched that combines workouts from the Nike+ Training Club App and the Nike+ Running app.

On a Side Note

Motivation is a big thing when it comes to fitness and workout; it’s the fuel that will get you moving. This ad shows the importance of getting the motivation from within yourself, by pushing yourself to the limits to achieve your goals. Do you know that sense of fulfilment after finishing a workout? That’s the feeling that you’re definitely better for it. While getting motivations from others, encouraging yourself matters the most. It’s an indication that you’re ready to do it by heart. Go on, encourage yourself more, like saying these to yourself right after every workout.  When you’re at it, going for a strict yet proper diet can be easily followed, and you will look for different ways to help yourself and trying out weight loss supplements like what Slim Life Science offers.

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