Are You a Health Buff? 15 Signs to Confirm Yes!

If you have already welcomed the three other personas you will become when you decided to commit to fitness and getting fit, you can easily answer this question. Otherwise, check out this list if you can’t still notice the changes on your views and outlook especially with regard to food, habits or lifestyle. More than the major shifts that you are conscious about like enrolling to a gym or mindful about the hours of sleep you should have every single night, the small changes in routine that often goes unnoticeable are the diminutive little pieces of the puzzle to confirm that indeed you are a health buff now.


  1. You don’t skip breakfast. You know the importance of breakfast when it comes to proper eating and diet.
  2. You put lemon cucumber and ginger in your drinking water
  3. You consider kale as a must component for preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert.
  4. You munch on nuts or other healthy snacks alternative instead of the usual potato chips.
  5. Your heart beats faster when you passed by health food stores. It’s also what comprises 90% of your fridge.
  6. You look at breads, cakes, donuts and other foods enriched with flour as criminals. You feel the same about fast foods.
  7. You feel worried for unhealthy eaters and you have something to say speaking like a pro “nutritionist”
  8. You already know the calorie content of every food just by simply seeing it. You also know the equivalent MET you have to take just to burn that calorie.
  9. You spend more time on grocery stores by reading every single label and nutrition facts than choosing the best dress to compliment your body on department stores.
  10. Everything can be turned into a smoothie. Yes, every fruit and every vegetable.
  11. You have considered to be a vegetarian once, or tried every diet craze like the south beach diet or liquid diet. This is usually the phase that will mark your journey to weight loss.
  12. You only refer to “organic” as the definition of real food.
  13. You take the stairs and see elevators as time warp to sedentary life
  14. You know what Garcinia Cambogia and Razpberi Ketone are.
  15. You know the latest buzz in the weight loss market and you probably heard about Slim Life Science.

If you answered yes and agreed to each of this statement, congratulation for choosing to be healthy and fit.  Please continue doing so.

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