Always Bloated? 6 Foods You Should Avoid

If you always feel gassy, like you’ve gain few more pounds, that’s probably because of bloating. Bloating is perhaps the last thing you wanted to feel especially if you have an occasion or party to attend to and fitting that gown surely feel like a mess. So, if you’re invited to a party, make sure you avoid these foods that will give you that bloating and puffy feel.


  1. Junks! Remember how you felt after eating a large pizza or jumbo fries? That fatty food slows down digestion leaving you feeling a little tighter around the waist. Not only it will left your fee bloated but it will also spike your blood sugar up to blame for sugar cravings.
  2. Dairy. Dairy food is one of the most common food that many are allergic to so if you don’t know if you are allergic to it or not, avoid taking too much dairy in your diet to shun away from bloating and cramps.
  3. Beans. Beans contain a type of sugar that the body cannot digest so when we consume beans, our bodies’ bacteria will try to break it but will cause gas to produce.
  4. Salty foods. Sodium causes the body to retain water so you will surely feel bloated and puffy. Limit salt intake to 2,300 mg per day.
  5. Alcohol. Cut alcohol intake if you want to avoid puffy feeling the next day. If you have a party to attend and needs to dress up a formal gown, better stay away from alcohol at least a week.
  6. Soft drinks. Including other carbonated drinks like champagne and sparkling water. The bubbles that give these drinks special fizz will give your body the same thing. The carbon dioxide that released after popping that soda bottle will surely leave your tummy feeling gassy and bloated.

There are two know causes of bloating, first is the gas in the abdomen through swallowed air and two, the bacteria being produced in the gut when digesting the food and once the gastrointestinal tract does not aid in digesting the food, gas will build up in the intestine and will cause bloating and discomfort. One of the sure way to avoid bloating is to cut back on over-eating, especially the foods listed above. You can take supplements too that will help you suppress appetite like the SlimLife 3in1 Eliminator that contains a revolutionary formula designed  to raise metabolism, burn fat and suppress  appetite.

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